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      The Suzhou Zhengyu building materials Limited Company is a specialized company comprehensively engaged in the modernized industry workshop floor coating design and the construction. Relying on its technical superiority, it is able to use place design and the manufacture best industry grounds around a house system accurately under each kind of different environmental condition. We have wined many customers’ vigorously support and trust with our fine quality and good prestige.

      Our company mainly take over every kind of works including the epoxy resin (EPOXY) jointless floor, the epoxy resin (EPOXY) whole floor against the static electricity, the anticorrosion project and the emery wear-resisting grounds around a house project, which widely usee in electronic, micro electron, optics, biochemistry, drugs manufacture, food, printing, chemical industry medical instrument, precision machinery, galvanization, revertex hardware, every kind of painting workshop and automobile manufacture.   Insist our management idea of “customer is the center”, we will work carefully and steadily so that we can give our product experience and technical skills to each customer.

      CopyRight (c) 2017 苏州正宇建材有限公司 苏州环氧地坪 苏州金刚砂耐磨地坪 All Rights Reserved. ICP备案号:苏ICP备09027900号-1 篮球场施工 苏州石材加工 技术支持:乐艺科技
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